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After teaching Spanish for 5 years at university, I caught the coding bug and began working for Mad Genius, an ad agency in Ridgeland, MS. Here is a smattering of some things I have helped accomplish as part of this awesome team.

Web Development

Visit Clinton, MS

Clinton tourism website.

This is a kiosk app we did at Mad Genius for visitors to Clinton, Mississippi. I was lead developer after getting initial HTML and CSS from the designer. This site, written with Vue and Nuxt, pulls data from a remote WordPress database using WP REST API. I chose Nuxt for its built-in server-side rendering. The site now displays on iPad-powered kiosk stands in hotels and public buildings in Clinton, including City Hall. The same infrastructure used for this was also used for two other smaller tourism sites I built for the same client: Clinton4Now and Clinton Historical Tour.

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Farm Bureau Insurance

Farm Bureau Insurance website.

This project involved building a WordPress theme and custom plugins to consolidate the web presence of Farm Bureau Insurance across five states and their respective websites. It entailed interacting with Farm Bureau's internal API. My role was largely post-launch maintenance, as well as substantial refactoring and feature additions to the layout generation and API data retrieval plugin

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Bookshelf to Couch

Bookshelf to Couch website.

An online continuing education platform started by a marriage and family therapist, presented many unique challenges. I was Mad Genius' lead developer on this site and greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to build ecommerce features using the WooCommerce WordPress plugin and an LMS using LearnDash. It was somewhat of an experiment in how to get multiple plugins to work together and still be maintainable, but I was very happy with the end result.

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Georgia Farm Monitor

Georgia Farm Monitor website.

The Georgia Farm Monitor television show wanted to use the videos from their YouTube channel to make their own branded webpage. I was the primary developer on this project. The challenge was to retrieve all data through the YouTube Data API, so that we could build on what the client already had, but in a way compatible with the Netflix-style design created by one of Mad Genius's excellent designers. This was probably the funnest website I've ever made, and it was the first time I was taught to use recursive functions in JavaScript.

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Ivey Mechanical

Ivey Mechanical website.

I was the primary developer for Ivey Mechanical's website. This project featured specific animations on scroll, reactive components, various WordPress sub-menus, and image lazy-loading.

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Harper, Rains, Knight & Co.

HRK website.

The layout for the website of this accounting firm called for some complex CSS positioning rules and JavaScript animations. My role was primary developer, and I had the opportunity to learn more about Vue JS, which I used for the on-page find-an-accountant filter. This is a great example of using a reactive library for one small part of a website, which Vue is great for.

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Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society

CMDSS website.

The background image psuedo masking of the active main menu is the part I remember most about implementing this design. CSS background images can be so frustrating! I also learned to use the GreenSock JS animation library for the homepage and some navigation transitions. My knowledge of WordPress menus and pagination was also sharpened by this project.

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MMI Dining

MMI Dining website.

My main role of interest in this website was adding the careers feature, for which I used PHP and WordPress to interact with a third-party jobs API.

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Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery

Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery website.

This was one of the first professional websites I ever made, and I'm still proud of it. I learned a lot about basic CSS layout, jQuery animations, and WordPress.

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Google AdWords & Analytics

Higher Education

I have budgeted and constructed AdWords campaigns for certain institutions of higher learning as a member of the Mad Genius team. These projects included Display, Search, and Video ad campaigns. These were campaigns largely centered around recruitment, with raising brand awareness as the primary objective. I reported on key performance indicators (KPIs), such as video views, video watch times, ad impressions, and click-through rates. I also added Google Analytics event tracking to some of these websites in order to track button clicks or form completions that qualified as a KPI.


I have managed extensive website data and conversion tracking for corporations in a wide range of industries, including the insurance, financial and legal sectors. While my primary role has been focused on the tracking/development side through tools such as Google Tag Manager, I have also managed many AdWords campaigns for these businesses.

Ecommerce Tracking

I have some limited experience with basic ecommerce tracking for a large corporation. The project was centered around one product with various tiers/costs. It involved tracking Gravity Forms completions as product purchases.

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